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The Granicus Subscriber Network Surpasses 200 Million Milestone, Provides Governments Unprecedented Access to Citizens

Granicus’ Subscriber Network creates engaged communities of people – providing an unmatched ability for government to forge stronger, more meaningful connections with citizens

Granicus, the leading provider of cloud-based software solutions and digital engagement services for the public sector, today announced that the subscriber base of citizens who have opted-in to multi-channel communications with their governments through the govDelivery platform now totals over 200 million people, the largest network of its kind.

Granicus’ Subscriber Network utilizes a proprietary, machine learning-based recommendation engine, built from several hundred million subscriptions and billions of interactions to create an unprecedented ‘reach effect’. Granicus’ engine suggests additional, valued connections that rapidly expand digital community membership and enables a unique level of direct, personalized connection between government and citizens.

Each new subscriber adds to govDelivery’s ability to help governments build active and engaged communities by connecting individuals to the services, events, meetings, and other government activities that affect their lives. Not only do these connections make an impact on people’s relationships with their governments and create a meaningful citizen experience, they enable government organizations with insights into citizen needs.

“Each day, an additional 30,000 people subscribe to receive personalized information on the subjects and services from their government that are important to them. Our insights from those connections enable customers to deliver better citizen journeys and more engaged communities,” said Granicus CEO Mark Hynes. “The 200 million subscriber milestone is a significant reminder of the benefits that come with scale. Our unmatched reach and unified platform enables new government customers to rapidly build, grow and engage their digital audience.”

Over 4,200 public sector organizations rely on Granicus to help reach a broader audience and leverage effective digital communication strategies to improve outcomes and program success. Granicus customers include each of the cabinet-level departments of the U.S. federal government, all 50 state governments, 48 of the largest 50 cities in the U.S., and over 300 government organizations in the U.K.

The 200 millionth citizen in Granicus’ Subscriber Network signed up to connect with the U.S. Department of Labor through Granicus’ govDelivery communications software. The Department of Labor has nearly doubled their subscribers from 800,000 in 2016 to 1.5 million citizen subscribers today. With a communication engagement rate approaching 50%, DOL is interacting with the public in a way that is both relevant and targeted, ensuring that the right messages get delivered to the broadest and most responsive audiences.

“Granicus helps government build active digital communities. Whether it’s informing millions of veterans about a new program, helping residents apply for permits or pay fees, or manage a graffiti clean-up request, Granicus allows government to connect efficiently on a massive scale” added Hynes.

With today’s announcement, Granicus is releasing more detailed public statistics related to the Granicus Subscriber Network, available at Granicus.com/200-million.

Granicus Subscriber Network & govDelivery Quick Facts:

  • Unique Subscribers: 200,000,000 and growing
  • Daily Average Subscriber Growth: 30,000 (About 1 per second)
  • Communications Deliverability: Greater than 98 percent
  • Average Subscription Rate: 2.1 subscriptions per subscriber
  • Messages Read: 6,000 messages read per minute
  • Countries Reached: 235
  • Communication Sent Per Year: 10 billion+
  • Subscribers in the U.K.: 15 million
  • Public Sector Clients: 4,200+

Granicus’ 200 million user milestone comes on the heels of the company’s acquisition of Firmstep, a global leader in government service transformation. With the combined capabilities of Firmstep and Granicus, this acquisition creates the world’s first unified Civic Engagement Platform offering web content management, online transactions, digital communications, citizen CRM, 311 service requests, and meeting transparency – for the first time, from a single, government-focused provider.

About Granicus

Granicus connects governments with the people they serve by providing the first and only civic engagement platform for the public sector. Over 4,200 federal, state and local government agencies and more than 200 million citizens power an unparalleled Subscriber Network that turns government missions into quantifiable results. With comprehensive cloud-based solutions for communications, government website design, meeting and agenda management software, records management, and digital services, Granicus empowers stronger relationships between government and citizens. For more information on how to automate and streamline processes, reduce costs, create digitally-connected communities, and increase transparency, visit Granicus.com.