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Welcome to govCommunity!

At Granicus, we hear from hundreds of government communicators looking for tips, use cases, and best practices on using our tools to best meet their daily needs.

One of the best ways to connect communicators with information is to lean on the shared community of Granicus product users. That’s why we created govCommunity, an online forum to chat with others virtually and share directly what’s been working in your communities.

Read on to learn more about the basics (what it is, how to join, etc.) as well as best practices for getting the most out of the govCommunity experience.

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What is govCommunity?

govCommunity is an online environment where government professionals across the world can connect with one another, ask questions, and share examples.

Members can collaborate and get pressing questions answered by their trusted peers —everything from dealing with crisis situations to improving engagement in hard-to-reach audiences and beyond.

When joining govCommunity, users gain access to a network of like-minded government communicators. Ask questions, provide answers, and share examples by joining relevant channels.

Over time, govCommunity will grow to include more channels to watch and more information that helps those on the front lines of digital government create do your job better.

Get Started Today!

Here are some tried and true best practices for interacting with govCommunity.

  1. Set up your profile & say hello!
    Set up a govCommunity profile. Adding name, contact information, and a picture (such as a LinkedIn headshot) personalizes the govCommunity experience. Say hello in the “Welcome to the Community” forum and start making connections with the community.
  2. Ask a question.
    The best way to make connections is to ask a question in the “Product Questions” or “Community Groups” area.  With the breadth of government experience in our community, users will likely find a fellow member with an answer. Search to see if a peer has previously asked a similar question. Then just reply or start a new thread.
  3. Highlight work.
    Have organizational work to share? It takes a lot of work to get a communications plan together and up and running. Sharing screenshots of recent projects not only showcases how Granicus products create solutions but can also inspire or help fellow users.
  4. Be social.
    Browse govCommunity forums, ask questions, or answer them, and network with peers.
  5. Share your feedback.
    Is there something you believe govCommunity is missing or could make it better for all members? Send an email to community@granicus.com with your idea – all are welcome!

Bringing It All Together

Creating govCommunity isn’t just Granicus’ way of serving government customers. It’s a way to build a supportive community. We hope users will embrace this chance for collaboration, problem solving, knowledge sharing with a group of highly engaged government communicators. Get ready to collaborate, join discussions, and build a powerful network!

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