Weekly Welcome: Short-Term Rental Monitoring in Communities Large and Small


Highlighting Our Latest Customers

In this week’s installment, we’re highlighting three vastly different communities united by a common concern: short-term rental (STR) regulations.

Launched: Short-Term Rental Monitoring in Shasta County, California

Spanning a broad segment of Northern California, Shasta County has the distinction of being one of the state’s original counties. This gorgeous area has grown increasingly popular in recent years. Notably, the increased demand is driven by outdoor adventurers seeking to explore the expansive forests or sail around Shasta Lake. However, this explosive growth in tourism has led to a common concern. A high number of short-term rental properties operating in the area, often without meeting local regulations, causing frustration among year-round residents and straining the housing market.

With these concerns in mind, county officials sought a technology solution that could help them identify STR addresses. Additionally, they wanted to monitor and enforce compliance with applicable regulations. Finally, city staff wanted to provide residents with an effective method of reporting issues such as noise violations or safety risks. Shasta County chose Granicus Host Compliance to address these needs. Now fully launched, Host Compliance has already identified 78% of STR properties operating within the county. Host Compliance also generated a list of 70 non-compliant operators for county staff to contact. In addition, staff are thrilled to introduce the 24/7 Hotline, managed by Host Compliance, which will allow residents greater access to reporting problems in real-time, while reducing the strain on local emergency responders. County staff members are particularly excited for the opportunity to engage with residents in a new way.

Launched: STR monitoring in Idaho Falls, Idaho

Located in the eastern portion of the state, Idaho Falls is a popular travel destination, attracting tourists who are visiting nearby Yellowstone National Park, the Grand Tetons, and Jackson Hole. Much like the concerns experienced by Shasta County, Idaho Falls is undergoing some growing pains related to short-term rentals. These concerns are becoming particularly evident as demand for outdoor recreation activities surges. Unlike Shasta County, however, Idaho Falls STR operators are not currently subject to any regulations. Because of this, they’re able to operate without securing permits, adhering to noise restrictions, or paying the type of lodging taxes that apply to traditional hotels.

City staff recognized the enormous potential of these properties to bring additional tourism and tax revenue to the community. They sought a technology solution that could demonstrate the earning power that was possible through regulations. Host Compliance was up to the challenge.

Launched: STR monitoring in Richmond, Virginia

A college town located in the greater Washington, D.C., area, Richmond is the fourth most populous city in Virginia. Each year, thousands of tourists flock to the city to enjoy the rich culture, historical landmarks, and thriving culinary scene. As demand for short-term rental properties skyrocketed, city officials recognized the need to regulate and monitor these dwellings in order to protect public safety and meet the needs of full-time residents while still encouraging travel.

Like Shasta County and Idaho Falls, Richmond chose Granicus Host Compliance to meet this need. The city incorporated the Address Identification module to ensure that all STRs within the city were operating in accordance with local regulations. In addition, the city of Richmond uses the Compliance Monitoring module’s self-managed letters service to send notices to STR operators.

We’re proud to welcome the communities of Shasta County, Idaho Falls, and Richmond to the Granicus family!

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