Weekly Welcome: A Busy International Airport, a Thriving Public School District, and a Small Town


Highlighting Our Latest Customers

Each week, we’ll be welcoming new members of the ever-expanding Granicus customer family. To share our excitement, we’re now showcasing new customers and highlighting some of their unique characteristics. In this week’s installment, we’re highlighting three very different agencies in the Southwestern U.S. with one critical trait in common: an unwavering dedication to serving their communities. Each of these customers sought to improve service and enhance civic engagement via digitization of their meeting minutes and agenda process.

Launched: Las Cruces, New Mexico, School District

With a population of more than 103,000, Las Cruces is New Mexico’s second largest city and the seat of Doña Ana County. The city is home to several scientific research facilities, as well as New Mexico State University, and hosts dozens of cultural events and festivals each year. As the 2021 school year approached, administrators at Las Cruces Public Schools (LCPS) district sought a better method of digitizing their meeting minutes and agenda process in a way that would keep parents, teachers, and staff members well-informed about upcoming policy changes or other important developments.

The district selected Granicus’ govMeetings software to accomplish this goal, while also allowing them to prepare more effectively for the new academic term and continue providing a top-notch education to the 25,000 students enrolled across the area.

Launched: Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) Airport

As one of the top five busiest airports on earth, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport is the home base of American Airlines and serves as a gateway to hundreds of domestic and international destinations. The airport includes five terminals, each serving dozens of gates and offering a variety of travel amenities, from restaurants to airline lounges to gift shops. Skylink, an airport-exclusive light rail train, ferries passengers between gates and terminals 24 hours a day.

With frequent and significant changes to the air travel experience in recent years, airport operators at DFW Airport recognized a growing need to replace their aging, homegrown system for managing board agendas and recording meeting minutes. They chose Granicus’ Legistar because we offered the only solution on the market that could meet the airport’s specific needs.

Launched: Dayton, Texas

A small but growing exurb located in the greater Houston area, Dayton, Texas, was seeking to expand its audience and increase civic engagement among residents. For the sake of simplicity and greater efficiency, city officials also wanted to consolidate their technology operations under a single vendor. After much research and consideration, they chose to implement the Granicus civic engagement platform because it’s well-integrated and presented the best opportunity to expand their audience.

With assistance from Granicus, the City of Dayton recently launched a new website using govAccess, shifted to the govDelivery communications cloud, and implemented govMeetings Peak Agenda to support growing civic participation among its residents.

We’re proud to welcome Las Cruces Public Schools, Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, and the City of Dayton to the Granicus family!

For more about Granicus’ civic engagement platform, and to join the wave of governments implementing these types of digital tools, book a guided demo today!

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