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We at Granicus have heard from hundreds of government communicators looking for tips, use cases, and best practices on managing the COVID-19 crisis.

We realized that one of the best ways to connect you with that information was to connect you with one another. So we created something that’s just for you, an online forum to chat with others virtually and share directly what’s been working in your communities.

It’s called govCommunity.

Below, we’ll cover the basics (what it is, how to join) as well as best practices for getting the most out of your experience.

Want to get started right now? No problem! Get started with govCommunity >>

So, What Is govCommunity Exactly?

govCommunity is an online environment where govs across the world can connect with one another, ask questions, and share examples.

Members can collaborate and get pressing questions answered by their trusted peers — regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

This online environment is hosted through Slack, a platform used by 12 million people for easy, instant collaboration.

govCommunity discussion

When you join govCommunity, you gain access to a network of like-minded government communicators. You can ask questions, answer them, and share examples. You can join the channels relevant to you, search through everything that’s been posted, and make others laugh with quirky gifs.

Don’t forget to grab a coffee (or tea if you prefer) and join us for events! Join other communicators at the same time for discussions on a specific topic, hosted by spotlighted customers. For our first govCommunity Coffee Convo, Echa Schneider, digital strategist at the City of Berkeley, California, discussed tips and tricks on how to start a Twitter town hall, which Berkeley did in response to the first confirmed COVID-19 case in their community.

Watch it grow! We believe that, over time, this community will grow to include more channels to watch and more information that helps you do your job better.

Ready to Join? You’re Only 6 Steps Away

So you want to see what all the fuss is about? It’s easy. Here’s how in six steps.

  1. Click here to join.
  2. Select your government level (Fed, State, Local, or UK) and one or more product interests (which Granicus products you use).
  3. Enter your email address.
  4. Check your email for an invite from Slack (If you don’t see it in your inbox, double check your spam folder.)
  5. From the Slack email, click the green “Join Now” button.
  6. Enter your full name and a password, then click “Create Account.”

How to Make the Most of Your Experience

Here are some tried and true best practices for using Slack and interacting in govCommunity.

1. Add the Slack app.

Download the desktop app instead of running Slack from your browser. You can easily launch the app whenever. With desktop notifications, you won’t miss conversations.

2. Set up your profile & say hello!

Set up your Slack profile. Add your name, contact information, and a picture (you can reuse your LinkedIn headshot). Say hello! Let everyone in the channel know your name, your job position, and where you work.

Don’t forget to fill out your profile and drop in a picture!

3. Ask a question.

Go ahead and ask a question. Someone in the community probably has an answer. You can also see if one of your peers has asked a question you can help with. Just reply by starting a thread.

Too shy to ask a question to the whole channel? Direct message (DM) the person you want to communicate with by clicking the plus sign next to “Direct Messages”.

4. Share your work.

Be proud of what your organization has accomplished! It takes a lot of work to get a communications plan together and up and running, share screenshots of what you’re doing ― it may help someone else!

5. Be social.

Attend the scheduled govCommunity Coffee Convos and ask questions and network with your peers.

Can’t attend a session because you have a meeting? Don’t worry, they’ll be recorded and shared to the community.

Have a topic you’d love to share/speak about on a Coffee Convo? DM Madeline Thomas (Granicus) and she’ll get it on the calendar!

6. Share your feedback.

Is there something you believe govCommunity is missing or could make it better for all members? DM Madeline Thomas (Granicus) with your idea – all are welcome!

Bringing It All Together

We decided to create something that’s just for you — govCommunity. It’s YOUR community! So collaborate and get pressing questions answered by one another as well as our network of highly engaged government communicators. Get ready to collaborate and join discussions — and maybe up your emoji game?

Join govCommunity now >>

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