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This Metro City Handled 3,000 Short-Term Rental Applications While Working Remotely

Governments everywhere have proven they can adapt, from switching priorities toward COVID-19 to switching to a home office. But it’s not an easy feat.

The City of Los Angeles, though, is proving their adaptability. Using Host Compliance software, their home-sharing unit has been business as usual (and more) from the comfort of their homes.

Up & Running in 20 Minutes

The City’s home-sharing unit were given notice on a Wednesday that they would begin working from home that Friday to comply with social distancing orders. With a workload of 3,000 short-term rental permit applications, a result of successfully encouraging hosts to register with the City, there was a lot to do for the team of seven.

Another division in the planning department had hired two new employees for jobs that required in-person training. Until the new hires could be trained for their intended roles, the City shifted them to the home-sharing unit temporarily, to help with work that could easily be done from home.

It took only 20 minutes to train the new hires. The Host Compliance software allows Los Angeles to build most decision-making processes into automated workflows. The system confirms that forms are filled properly and applicants are providing all required documentation. As the system ensures completeness, staff need only to review applications for accuracy and to make a final decision. Having dedicated screens for different processes — reviewing payments or reviewing driver licenses — helps complete tasks intuitively. Once an application has been reviewed, staff simply click accept.

Screenshot of Host Compliance

The Host Compliance software streamlines the registration approval process.

Paperless & Cloud for a No-Contact World

The Host Compliance software is 100% paperless — a contributing factor to the City’s decision to choose Host Compliance. That choice, especially now, has paid off. Staff receive applications from citizens. Noticing, payments, and other public communications are all managed by the Host Compliance software.

Additionally, the software runs in the cloud. All staff need to do to complete work is simply log in to the system from their computer at home. L.A. has maintained processing applications with no interruptions in service.

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