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New e-Book Identifies Key Trends in Digital Communications

GovDelivery, the leading provider of cloud-based public sector communication solutions, announced today the availability of “What’s Next,” a complimentary e-book identifying key trends in digital communications. Leveraging best practices garnered from partnering with government organizations over more than a decade, GovDelivery shares tips and strategies for public sector communicators to capitalize on these trends to achieve mission results.

“Digital communication is growing and changing everywhere and public sector communicators are faced with the daunting task of staying on top of trends to ensure the effective and efficient communication of information,” said Scott Burns, CEO and co-Founder of GovDelivery. “Our work with more than 1,000 government organizations puts us in a unique position to witness the growth and development of digital communications in the public sector and to envision how technological advancements may impact this sector.”

Burns continued, “Our experience has also allowed us to curate best practice to help government communicators adapt to these emerging trends and foster engagement, expand their reach and meet their mission goals with less effort and expense. We’re proud to be able to share these trends and tips with the public sector in this e-book.”

From mobile to APIs (Application Programing Interfaces) to integration issues and more, the new e-book uses the experience of GovDelivery’s clients across all levels of government to deliver insights on how these trends will impact the way public sector organizations reach and engage citizens. The e-book also shares valuable digital communication strategies and tactics derived from these partnerships to help other government communicators connect with more citizens, function more efficiently, and ultimately drive mission success.

The new e-book can be downloaded for free at http://direct.govdelivery.com/whats-next-ebook-pr.