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Meet the Modern Citizen

We live in a self-service world.

Citizens today expect information and services from government at a speed and efficiency that mirrors their experiences in the private sector. Couple that with the fact that the average attention span is only 8 seconds and there’s a real challenge for government to capture the attention of their audience, and provide them with information or engage them in online services in the time and scale that citizens expect.

According to research from a 2014 McKinsey report, agencies often struggle to provide an adequate end to end experience for the citizen. They struggle to find the data on where they can improve the citizen experience, and they struggle to adapt aging systems or processes to meet rising expectations.

Fortunately, digital communications can play a key role in helping government agencies improve the citizen experience by reaching the broadest audience, driving more audience engagement, and converting that engagement to action along each interaction during the citizen experience. Organizations that use digital communications to improve the citizen experience are able to:

  • Accelerate and streamline usage of online services
  • Drive behavior change to increase impact and reduce resource drag
  • Improve citizen involvement

We’ll take a look at how agencies across government are reaching these goals to improve the citizen experience in tomorrow’s webinar, Meet the Modern Citizen, with Timothy Hudak from the Department of Veterans Affairs and Bonnye Hart from GovDelivery. Sign up for the webinar here!