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GovDelivery Guide Shares 15 Tips to Boost Website Traffic

Presents Proven Tips and Best Practices for Driving Visitors to Public Sector Sites

GovDelivery, the leading provider of cloud-based public sector communication solutions, today published a guide detailing actionable strategies and tactics for driving mission results by increasing traffic to public sector websites. Titled “15 Ways to Drive Traffic to your Website,” the new guide details proven best practices public sector communicators are leveraging today to significantly increase the amount of traffic to their sites.

“The ability to effectively engage with citizens and then motivate them to take action is playing an increasingly important role in achieving overall mission results for public sector organizations,” said Scott Burns, CEO and co-Founder of GovDelivery. “For government organizations, your website is crucial to your mission. It’s where you communicate important information to your stakeholders and enable them to take action as a result of that information. If no one is visiting the website or blog, these organizations are missing out on the ability to drive citizen services and strengthen stakeholder connections. Our recent guide illustrates what innovative public sector organizations are doing to boost web traffic without the need for a complete website overhaul.”

Including insight from GovDelivery’s work with 1,000 public sector organizations the guide shares best practices and tips for exponentially increasing traffic to government websites. The piece also highlights several case study examples of organizations across all levels of government — from large Federal agencies and Central government authorities to cities and states – increasing traffic to millions or even hundreds of millions of monthly visitors. Many of the guidelines and strategies discussed can be easily and immediately implemented by nearly any public sector organization.

The guide details three primary components to driving traffic to public sector websites. The first step is to develop the kind of content that will encourage stakeholders to seek out and easily find the organization on the web. Next, government communicators must work to put that content into a digital friendly design, visualizing the content in a way that compels stakeholders to continue their exploration of the site. Finally and perhaps the most important step, the guide walks through several tips for leveraging a multichannel approach to promoting content. These tips will guide public sector communicators to tap into current audiences via multiple channels to promote the content that they have so carefully crafted and designed.

To view “15 Ways to Drive Traffic to your Website,” please visit http://direct.govdelivery.com/15-ways-guide-pr.