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EngagementHQ: 24/7 moderation

Let our expert moderators protect you and your community against bullying, heckling, and inappropriate behavior.

EngagementHQ keeps discussions on topic and constructive — while fully protecting participant privacy. Moderation is included as part of every EngagementHQ license, our moderation policy can be found at the bottom of all client sites.

The moderation process

Our trained moderators follow a standardized process to ensure your public consultations are fair and transparent.

Automatic screening when a post is submitted. EngagementHQ instantly filters all contributions to remove spam and search for high-risk language. Flagged comments are routed to moderators and checked before they ever show up on a community engagement site.

24/7* human moderation keeps your community safe. All contributions to the Ideas, Places, Forums, and Guestbook tools are reviewed by our expert moderators within 2 hours of posting, 24/7. All posts will remain available to site administrators.

A transparent process for posts that breach the rules. If a comment violates our moderation policy, it will be removed and a clear reason will be emailed to the participant who posted the comment. They may then update their comment and repost.

* English and French 24/7, Spanish 24/5.

Moderation and administration

The EngagementHQ moderators work alongside site administrators to provide security as an impartial safeguard for participants.

The importance of third party moderators. EngagementHQ has no financial interest in the results of consultations it hosts, which allows us to moderate in a fair and unbiased way. It is an essential solution for any organization with an obligation to protect free speech.

Review removed posts at any time. Administrators can access all removed content and can request to have the content reinstated on their site. Moderators remove less than 1% of all content, as timely intervention can prevent discussions from going off the rails.

The exceptions. Polls, Surveys and Q&A are not moderated because contributions are either not public or need a response before making them public. Administrators can choose to have Stories moderated by EngagementHQ or accepted by their own team before publishing.