Email remains king in both the private and the public sectors

picjumbo_close-up-laptopThe latest of many studies on email reaffirms what many of our GovDelivery clients prove on a daily basis: in the world of ever-changing digital communications channels, email remains king.

In a recent study of over 300 U.S.-based digital marketing professionals, respondents consistently ranked email higher than social media marketing, content marketing, and other marketing channels as the most effective tool in a variety of areas. Though the respondents to the study work in the private sector, the lessons from the report can easily be applied to the public sector as well.

As MarketingProfs summarizes in this article, “digital marketers consider email the most effective digital tool for building awareness (41% of respondents)…in particular, [they] say email shines for customer retention, with 56% of respondents citing it as the most effective tactic.”

So, what does that mean for government communicators? It means that while email should always be part of a multi-pronged communications approach that may often include social media, mobile, and others, email continues to be one the of the most effective ways to reach your stakeholders, inspire them to action, and keep them coming back to your organization.

Think effective marketing is only possible for organizations with big staffs and even bigger budgets? Think again. One aspect of the study that public sector agencies may find particularly important is email’s very positive ROI, according to the report. As the MarketingProfs article says, “Respondents with tight budgets especially appreciate email’s value early in the sales process. Significantly more respondents with smaller budgets rank email as the most popular tactic for achieving brand awareness than do companies with big budgets.”

In a time when government budgets are tighter than ever, cost is an ever present factor in all communications plans. Digital has done wonders for saving money on printing and other traditional marketing tools.

We fully embrace social media and mobile as powerful complimentary tools in your communications tool bag, with email at the core of your strategy. And now the private sector marketing professionals are saying the same thing. Get in touch with us to learn more about how you can make email the core of your communications plan.

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