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Celebrating New GovDelivery Offices and Opportunities

By Steve Ressler, General Manager, GovDelivery East

As you may have noticed over the last few weeks, GovDelivery has been making some big changes. We’ve added new solutions, new capabilities, new teammates, and our favorite part, new offices!

Last week, we celebrated our growing business with clients and partners at our expanded office in Washington DC. Our CEO Scott Burns spoke about the important role that government innovators, communicators and thought leaders play in building audiences and delivering better experiences for more of the people they serve.

GovDelivery celebrates expanded offices in Washington DC. Click the pictures above to see more photos.

From helping more people navigate the immigration process, to assisting more students in receiving financial aid, to expanding access to crucial health data for health care providers, GovDelivery’s solutions go beyond likes and clicks to drive real results for families, employees, businesses, and community organizations worldwide.

Years ago we moved away from thinking of our business as a small office in St. Paul that sent mandatory public notices and meeting minutes to small groups of active constituents, and started diving into questions around how government could use technology to have a greater impact on more of the people they serve.

Our early experiences lead us to develop the GovDelivery Communications Cloud, which has become one of the most powerful tools used by government organizations to reach, engage and convert their audiences to action.

GovDelivery is now  home to teams in New York, Madison, San Francisco, the UK and of course here in DC, who are committed to a single goal of improving the citizen experience by building massive audiences and driving better outcomes for people.

We’ve expanded our solution and service offerings to include more ways to engage audiences and drive action with the GovDelivery Network, GovDelivery Learning, GovDelivery Open Data, and Professional Services. By connecting our clients with cutting edge technology, including interactive text messaging, learning solutions, targeted messaging, and DKAN open source data tools, we’re continuing to help more agencies establish deeper connections with the communities they serve.

Today, we have the privilege of working with more than 1,000 public sector leaders and government organizations around the globe that are committed to improving citizen experiences with world-class technology and services. We’re looking forward to working with you as you continue to forge ahead and deliver on the promise of a 21st century citizen experience.

P.S. We love visitors! Set your next account review or training at our new space, or just come re-connect with your Client Success Consultant in our office.