Arbor Day Spotlight: How Going Digital is Saving More Trees Every Year


Happy Arbor Day! Today marks the annual holiday dedicated to renewing our supply of trees in the U.S. In 1872, the very first Arbor Day was celebrated in Nebraska by planting over one million trees. With annual celebrations happening throughout the day, we thought we’d join the festivities by recognizing government organizations with a commitment to saving paper (and as a result, our precious trees) by using digital solutions.

It may be surprising that in a digital world, organizations in the U.S. still go through 12.1 trillion sheets of paper per year – an equivalent to 1.5 billion trees. Granicus solutions not only help organizations transform the relationship between citizens and government, they can also help organizations save paper.

Here are three examples of organizations who use Granicus to save paper, and even save money doing it:

  • North Pacific Fishery Management Council (NPFMC) in Anchorage, AK., holds 10-day meetings for over 80 council members. Prior to implementing Granicus, they printed agendas comprised of roughly 1.5 reams of paper per member. Now, council members receive agendas electronically, saving 50,000 sheets of paper and almost six trees every year.
  • The City of North Richland Hills, TX., enjoys a great deal of paper savings by not printing agendas. Prior to implementing Legistar, they printed nearly 12,000 sheets of paper per month. That adds up to 60,000 sheets a year, or 120 reams. Since it takes a whole tree to make 16 reams of paper, the City of North Richland Hills is saving 8 trees per year!
  • The City Clerk’s office in Appleton, Wisconsin, was looking to save some money in print costs and meeting efficiency. They chose to implement Peak Agenda Management. Now they enjoy a savings of $21,600 per year in printing costs alone.

So as you celebrate Arbor Day, think of processes in your workplace that use a lot of paper. There’s a way to automate these processes, saving your organization money and saving trees for everyone!

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