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5 Pillars of the govDelivery Advanced Package

govDelivery offers standard capabilities that allow government to execute a truly worldclass communications strategy — to inform, engage, and convert a digital audience to action. But the govDelivery Advanced Package adds streamlined marketing capabilities that can take an organization’s digital outreach to the next level by incorporating greater degrees of audience segmentation, personalization, message testing, and mobile engagement. 

Sometimes government communicators simply don’t have the time to execute sophisticated marketing techniques, like sending welcome messages or designing content to engage inactive subscribers. But organizations such as the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services have shown that pre-built campaigns increase engagement metrics and deliverability by creating automated touchpoints for every subscriber. These campaigns allow you to avoid having to “reinvent the wheel” with template communications so you can onboard new digital audiences and increase engagement among existing digital audiences. 

Here are 5 main features that can be optimized with the Advanced Package.  

Welcome Messages Make a Better First Impression

New subscribers are the ripest for interaction – and pre-built onboarding campaigns help organizations simply & easily maximize first impressions. Our automated series of welcome messages offer a standardized approach to introducing an organization’s brand and resources to new subscribers. Instead of throwing new members of your audience into the drumbeat of communications, each onboarding message can slowly introduce them to your organization, set expectations, and make a great first impression. 

Drip Campaigns Save You Time

Marketing automation is a way to systematize communication efforts to target audiences. With automation, it’s all about the use of applications and tools to create a process with minimal or reduced human intervention. Marketing automation is all about personalizing a message based off of previous actions taken (or not taken). An email drip campaign is a set of marketing emails sent automatically on a schedule – for example, an email sends when someone signs up for multi-step process, and another email is triggered when they are ready to take the next step. The emails deployed can vary based on behavior taken like sign ups, interacting with a piece of content, or clicking somewhere on your website. 

Re-engagement Campaigns Keep Subscribers Interested

No matter the quality of your content, it is inevitable that some individuals who subscribe to your account many eventually become unengaged. Utilizing the Advanced Package to automate re-engagement campaigns regularly helps to ensure your audience never goes too long between messages. Promoting some of your more popular and engaging topics as a suggestion provides subscribers another opportunity to assert their interest in your content and get more exposure to your information.  

A/B Testing Helps You Improve Results

When it comes to communication strategy, take the guesswork out of decision-making with built-in message testing. The streamlined A/B testing capabilities in the Advanced Package allow organizations to compare two variables to better optimize a marketing campaign’s success. Test anything from subject lines to images to calls-to-action, to fully leverage your content for maximum audience impact. With this streamlined approach, you can view real-time test results for on the spot optimization or implement a series of tests over time for long-term strategy refinement. 

Enhanced Targeting & Audience Segmentation Increases Your Impact

Another component of the Advanced Package is enhanced targeting functionality through dynamic audience segmentation. Here, organizations can create and save audiences based on interests, engagement, tenure, and other important insights. These robust, dynamic, and automated targeting tools take an organization’s digital strategy and customer service offerings to the next level. Segmented messaging creates a better, more relevant experience for your audience, getting you closer to a 1:1 relationship. 

Interested in learning more? Check out our govDelivery Advanced Package Toolkit.