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5 Examples of Awesome Emails (And Why They’re Awesome)

Every month, there are over one billion digital messages are sent via govDelivery from government organizations across the U.S. and in the U.K. With so many digital messages swarming to and from inboxes, it can be challenging to recall specific characteristics of an effective email message.

That’s why we created “12 Awesome Emails” — a guide that highlights examples of effective digital messages from government organizations around the country.

Today, we’re highlighting five more stellar email examples to help inspire your work connecting to your audience. Designed in the GovDelivery Communications Cloud’s Advanced Editor Bulletin (ABE), these examples are created with an intuitive interface and make sleek, professional-looking bulletins.

Outdoor Nebraska

Why it’s awesome:

  • Attractive Hero Banner: A hero image is a large banner image prominently placed in an e-newsletter, generally in the front and center. The hero banner used in this example is large and attractive for the organization’s audience.
  • Clear, Condensed Message: In addition to imagery, an organized and straightforward message can make all the different for click rates. This message proves that a strong message can contain less than 100 words.
  • 3-Column Format: In the Advanced Bulletin Editor, this bulletin used the 3-column section template can with icons that directs readers to the core components of the message.

Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management

Why it’s awesome:

  • Vibrant Colors: In addition to strong imagery, vibrant colors can make a digital message dynamic and interesting.
  • Large, Obvious Icons: This message uses icons effectively with strong placement and sizing. The icons quickly tell the reader what the content is going to be about.
  • Alternating Background Color: Changing up colors in message sections is a great way to organize content and allow the reader to consume content in small, easy-to-manage chunks.

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

Why it’s awesome:

  • Organized Content: The content in this digital message is organized in a hierarchical scheme, with the most important story on top. This story also has a larger image than the stories below, drawing more attention to the most important information.
  • Effective Use of Color: The main story has a white background, while “additional stories” have a neutral grey background — visually indicating they are less important.
  • Social Matches the Brand: This organization’s modern social media row at the bottom aligns well with the organization’s brand.

City of New Orleans Neighborhood Engagement Office

Why it’s awesome:

  • Creative Use of Imagery: This organization use of circular images offers a stylish alternative to typical rectangular images. The large, visible hero banner presents a strong overview of the content of the email.
  • Effective Sidebar: This example has a small, interesting sidebar for useful and important content. A sidebar will take the readers’ eyes away from the main content, so if you use one, make sure it has content that you want all of your readers to take action on. For example, a sidebar is not a good place to put your phone number or address. Those things should be in your footer, which is the anchor of the email — this is where your readers will look for your contact information.

City of Minnetonka

Why it’s Awesome:

  • Strong Background Image: Background images are not supported by all email clients, but you achieve the same look by creatively setting up your content. In this example, the “background image” was cut into pieces and placed into containers.
  • Simple Messaging: This design does a great job of using a small amount of content to deliver a meaningful message. If you have a web page where content lives, you don’t need to rewrite the entire story in the email. Instead, show an attractive image and a quick, succinct heading and blurb to drive readers to check out the full story if they are interested.

Looking for more awesome email examples? Be sure to download “12 Awesome Emails” for more inspiration when creating your next digital message.