Meeting and Agenda Suite

Manage the legislative process from start to finish.

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The Meeting and Agenda Suite allows government staffers to streamline workflows, promote cross-departmental efficiency and collaboration, and establish meaningful connections with citizens – online, over social networks, and on mobile devices.

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Legistar allows government staff to easily manage the entire legislative process from start to finish, from drafting files, through assignment to various departments, to final approval, all designed to reduce workloads and create a more efficient method for managing decisions.

  • Eliminate manual workflows. Create and manage items for agendas in one system
  • Automate agenda item approvals with electronic approval processes
  • Simplify agenda creation—automatically compile files and supporting materials for upcoming meetings
  • Organize, store and retrieve electronic documents
  • Easily track legislation and generate historical reports for staff, citizens and council
Peak Agenda Management

Peak Agenda Management – the fastest, most supported, most usable browser-based agenda management software in the industry, provides a solution that allows clerks to streamline the way they compile and produce agendas for public meetings.

  • Manage agendas easily – right out of the box
  • Automate processes at the click of a button
  • Chat directly with support from within the app

iLegislate allows elected officials and government staff to review meeting agendas, supporting documents and archived video on any tablet or desktop, reducing staff time and paper consumption.


VoteCast modernizes the public meeting voting process by eliminating the tedium of hand counting, paper voting and the use of outdated standalone systems.


Granicus Minutes is a live- and post-meeting workflow solution that combines capturing minutes and actions – roll call, agenda items, speakers, motions, votes and notes – and pairing them with a meeting’s recording.


eComment provides an easy way to add voices to the democratic process and makes participation in public meetings more convenient with a web-based form tightly integrated with your published agenda. Residents can review agenda item details, indicate their position on an item and leave feedback, which elected officials can review in-meeting.

Granicus Video

Our Granicus Video solution enables your organization to build a content-rich library of public meeting webcasts and records. Leverage easy-to-use media management tools to schedule and publish live and on-demand webcasts.

Performance Accelerator
Performance Accelerator is an extension of the Granicus Platform and Encoding Appliance, allowing for a virtually unlimited number of internal viewers and easing demand on bandwidth.

Closed Captioning
Captions are synchronized to meeting webcasts and can be recorded in real-time or added to an archived event. Closed caption text is searchable, giving audiences the ability to search meeting records by the spoken word, further promoting access to the public regarding the issues they care about most.