Minimum System Requirements

If you have a PC, you must be running Windows 98 or later operating system with at least a 233-MHz processor Pentium II and 64 MB of RAM.

If you are using a Macintosh, you need a G3 or newer with Mac OS X installed. For more information click here.

Please note that Granicus does not support beta versions of Internet Explorer or Windows Media Player.

In order to view the video streams you must have Windows Media Player version 9 or higher, or Silverlight Player installed. To find out which version of Media Player is embedded in your browser, right-click the player in the Media window and then select About.

Video is configured to stream at various speeds from 20 kbps (audio-only) up to 350 kbps. Our servers automatically detect your connection speed and send the highest quality stream possible. If you are trying to view the meeting over a dial-up connection, you may experience some issues with the video player.

Download our Quick Reference Guide (PDF 72kb) and learn how to check the strength of a media stream.

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