Summit Recap: Governments Making a Measurable Impact


Success in the public sector is measured by the impact agencies make on citizens. Whether it’s feeding more families or providing access to health services or safer roads, government agencies from across the country are leveraging innovation to solve the hard problems facing their communities. Two of these agencies recently spoke at the Granicus Virtual… Read more »

Summit Recap: How to Build a Modern Legislative Experience


Throughout state and local jurisdictions, citizens are becoming increasingly interested in the legislative process. The public wants to know what is happening in government and be able to give their input on issues they care about. This means that government organizations need an easy way to connect – and when it comes to creating agendas,… Read more »

Summit Recap: The Evolution of Document Management

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In today’s fast-paced environment, government agencies face daily challenges to remain nimble, transparent and efficient. Managing your agency’s documents can be challenging – from piles of paper to tracking people down for signatures, document management can add time and cost to your already busy schedule. Granicus’ recent Virtual Digital Engagement Day offered solutions for many… Read more »

Summit Recap: Solving Government Challenges with Communications

In one of the first sessions of the Granicus Virtual Public Sector Digital Engagement Day, Andrew Krzmarzick, Granicus’ Vice President of Solutions Consulting, dove deep into best practices for solving some of government’s more pressing challenges. As the world becomes increasingly digital, Krzmarzick said, government faces unique challenges in order to stay relevant and reach… Read more »

Summit Recap: Why Government Innovation Is the Key To Keeping Up With Exponential Change

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Over the last century, the world has made enormous strides in technological innovation. There are now more digital devices than there are people, and it’s taking less and less time for the public to adapt to new technological advances. So what does it look like when government embraces these technological shifts and applies them internally?… Read more »