GSA Launching 12-week Pilot Training Course on Social Media in Government

Starting February 7, the General Services Administration will be piloting a 12-week course centering on social media in government. The course “aims to help new and aspiring social media practitioners understand the strategy and tools that will help them succeed in their roles” as described by Gadi Ben-Yehuda, who will be leading the charge. Each… Read more »

Sift Through Big Data to Find Real Insight

There is a ton of talk today about “big” data.  The concept comes from our ever increasing ability to collect, store, and manage larger and larger datasets full of vast amounts of information – customer information, habits, purchasing patterns, social media visits, and so on.  Unfortunately, I think many private and public organizations have become… Read more »

Why is Driving Innovation + Livestream on Thursday 11/10! Join in!

INNOVATION AT ITS BEST: CHALLENGE.GOV. Government has made a ton of progress in innovation over the last few years. And many will find it hard to disagree that some of the most innovative citizen creations have been catalyzed and precipitated with the launch of What is it? is simply a place where the… Read more »

Innovation for the rest of us

By Jeremy Greene, Director of Product Management, GovDelivery With the passing of Steve Jobs last month, the blogosphere has been chock-full of commentary around innovation and good product design. As a product guy, I find this fascinating. But as I’ve read through pages of articles highlighting Jobs’ search for “insanely great” product design I started… Read more »

Facebook’s Top 10 for Government

By Mary Yang, Marketing Communications Manager, GovDelivery At GovDelivery’s October 19th social media conference in Washington, DC, more than 300 attendees received some valuable tips on Facebook usage by government agencies from Adam Conner, Associate Manager of Public Policy at Facebook. His engaging, fast-paced and helpful presentation included his top 10 “musts” for governments using Facebook… Read more »

Analyst or Reporter – Implications for Data

By Dennis Still, Client Performance Analyst, GovDelivery I was watching the news the other day and started thinking about the differences between news analysts and news reporters.  Many channels now have folks with titles like senior news analyst, senior Washington correspondent, policy analyst, and so on.  When did reporting “news” become more than just actually… Read more »

Do you know what StumbleUpon is?

If not, you might want to. So, what is StumbleUpon? Essentially, I think of it as a social sharing service that directs registered users to new websites based on their personal preferences, input from their friends and “like-minded individuals.” StumbleUpon explains its process and why they’re better than search engines: Now, why should you care… Read more »

Communicate effectively or watch your program fail

By Scott Burns, CEO & co-Founder, GovDelivery In the private sector, we take for granted that effective communication is a mission critical function.  It’s a matter of survival.  If a company has a good product or service, but can’t explain it well, the company goes under.  It’s that simple.  In the public sector, the value… Read more »