Tech-Savvy Senior Citizens on the Rise

There is a common misconception that senior citizens are not actively using email or are less likely to use technology to communicate. In reality, seniors are tapping into technology more than ever. As more and more seniors integrate the Internet into their daily lives, digital communications is becoming the most efficient way to engage and… Read more »

National Weather Service Using APIs for Tsunami Alerts

By Richard Fong, Technical Implementation Consultant Tsunami events in 1946 and 1964 devastated Hawaii, Alaska, and the coastlines of Washington, Oregon, and California. The 1946 event started with an earthquake magnitude of 8.1 near Unimak, Alaska. Tsunamis inundated the coast over 100 feet above sea level and destroyed many structures near the Unimak area. The… Read more »

Coming Soon to a City Near You: Civic Technology

This morning, while hopped up on caffeine at my favorite coffee shop, I overheard two recent Washington DC grads talking. One asked the other: “So, what are your plans these days?” “Get a gig with Code for America” replied the 20-something. YEAH! I thought, smiling as I turned the pages of my latest Atlantic Monthly… Read more »

Me Government: The Critical Role of Government in the Internet’s Political Power

I’m a long time fan of the Personal Democracy Forum and am thrilled to be at PDF 2012, which is embarrassingly the first time I’ve been able to make the trip to see this important meeting of the Internet’s thought leaders in person. The theme of this year’s conference is the “Internet’s New Political Power”… Read more »

Access Anywhere – IRS Goes Mobile with Help from GovDelivery

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) unveiled an updated version of their smartphone application, IRS2Go, in early February. The app was “designed to provide taxpayers easier access to practical tools and information,” and the update included an application programming interface (API) integration with GovDelivery Digital Communication Management (DCM), which allowed app users to sign up to… Read more »

Ahead in the Clouds?

By Dave Worsell, Director, Government Solutions, GovDelivery UK I’ve worked with UK Government long enough to be more than a bit sceptical when they announce an initiative like the CloudStore as a vehicle for SMEs to engage with government. Sure it sounds like good idea. Government working closely with SMEs, purchasing innovative technologies that are… Read more »

Changing the government IT landscape with CloudStore

On Sunday, February 19, the Government Procurement Service officially launched CloudStore for UK central government and local authorities. The UK government first proposed the G-Cloud initiative over two years ago with the goal of bringing a wider range of cloud suppliers to the public sector while increasing the flexibility of procurement contracts. The programme wanted… Read more »

APIs and Tax Season

By Richard Fong, Technical Implementation Consultant Have you wondered how your organization can step into the mobile world? Do you want to extend your reach and drive more engagement with the general public wherever they can consume your content – whether that’s from a desktop or a mobile device such as a smartphone? The Internal… Read more »

9 Effective Engagement Tactics Utilized at the DC One City Summit

As an engagement strategist still recovering from chronic burnout as a result of my organizing efforts for the Boston Police Department and Neighbors for Neighbors (facilitating 250+ meetings a year for many years), I avoid spending entire Saturday afternoons at civic events like the plague. To my surprise, something extraordinary happened this past weekend. I ended… Read more »

5 Tips on a Website Redesign

By Steve Ressler, GovLoop Founder Last week GovLoop, the online knowledge network for government employees, launched a redesign where we redesigned our home page and launched 7 new sub-communities. The purpose of the change was to increase the overall readability of the site and organization of the site.   We had been hearing from our… Read more »