The Power of Networks: Abhi Nemani on Joining GovDelivery & GovLoop as Civic Innovator-in-Residence

By Abhi Nemani, Civic Innovator-in-Residence at GovDelivery  As a student of civic technology for some years now, it’s rare that I come across numbers that stun me. I’ve grown accustomed to typical facts and figures echoed by players in the space: X engaged users, Y partner governments. Typically, you’ll see some breakouts but, like many things,… Read more »

6 Ideas for Federal Tech Reform

By Steve Ressler, Founder of GovLoop It was recently reported by the Wall Street Journal that the Obama administration is working on a technology reform agenda. In the wake of the difficult roll-out, there’s been a lot of discussion on how to improve tech procurement and delivery. As such, I thought I’d write my 6 ideas on… Read more »