Update: 5 Things to Know About Planning for a Shutdown


The looming threat of a government shutdown means agencies are once again reviewing contingency plans — in the event that lawmakers don’t pass a spending bill by midnight. On Thursday night, House Republicans passed legislation to maintain current funding levels for federal operations through Feb. 16 and avert a shutdown, but Democrats in the Senate have threatened… Read more »

Picking up the Pieces of Government Public Satisfaction: Best Digital Practices to Implement Immediately

Public trust in government has been on the top of the radar lately following the U.S. government shutdown. In the height of the shutdown, Gallup released poll results showing that only 18 percent of Americans were satisfied with the U.S. government—that’s the lowest the satisfaction rating has been in Gallup’s history of asking the question… Read more »

Tips for Reconnecting and Rebuilding After the Shutdown

Like you, we’re breathing a giant sigh of relief that the federal government shutdown has ended and that hundreds of  government employees are finally able to go back to work. But as much as you may want to jump back into the projects you were working on, it’s hard to ignore that the public’s confidence… Read more »

Federal Digital Communications Event Rescheduled Due to Shutdown

Due to the government shutdown, we’ve decided to move our annual Federal Digital Communications Event to Monday, December 9. With continued uncertainty as to when federal employees will be coming back to work, we thought it would be best to move the event back so everyone could attend. More than 650 federal employees had already… Read more »