Treating Citizens as Customers


The original of this post was featured on  Can the government truly have “customers”? Someone who orders a fishing license or buys a license plate fits the literal definition of a customer – a person purchasing goods or services from an organization. But let’s say someone just needs a flu shot, or is signing… Read more »

The Public Sector is Ready for its own Digital Communications Benchmarks

Every moment of the day, the public sector is changing citizen behavior by reaching the right person at the right time with the right digital message. Commuters are avoiding construction, families are choosing to get vaccinated, entrepreneurs are starting businesses, and more because government’s communication is more direct and more impactful than it has ever… Read more »

Want to Change the World? That’s Marketing


At GovDelivery, we work with organizations solving big problems. For communities across the country, governments are changing the environments we live in, providing the access to care we need and enhancing our abilities to live our best lives. The new reality is that in order to continue to accomplish real-world outcomes, the public sector must… Read more »

Effective Communication is Mission Critical

In the private sector, we take for granted that effective communication is a mission critical function. It’s a matter of survival. If a company has a good product or service, but can’t explain it well, the company goes under. It’s that simple. In the public sector, the value of good communication is harder to measure,… Read more »

3 Ways Peer-to-Peer Services Will Rock Government’s World

Last week, I was able to attend the 2013 Personal Democracy Forum in New York City.  This conference and community is about the present and future impact of digital technologies on our democracy.  While listening to many of the thought-provoking and passionate presentations, there were a few different ideas that really spoke to me. Here… Read more »