Tips for Leveraging Mobile to Capture Audiences on the Go

Successful public sector digital communications is born from a commitment to reach a large and relevant audience. The largest audiences are built on direct contact channels such as email and text messaging as well as indirect channels such social media. Here are a few tips on how you can expand your reach and drive more… Read more »

Top 7 Most Read Blog Posts of 2013

It’s the beginning of 2014 and, no surprise here, everyone has a different opinion on what should make the “best of” and “worst of” 2013 lists. Whether it’s the best tech innovations in government or the worst social media gaffes, everyone has something different to add. It’s not easy to sum up an entire year’s… Read more »

The Chameleon of Government Communications

Good government communicators are chameleons. As communicators, you adapt quickly and effectively to changing situations every day, whether it’s internal (like last minute change to an email campaign) or external (like the recent government shutdown). You adapt as needed to engage the public amidst changing legislation, budgets and projects. But how well does your organization… Read more »

4 Tips to Optimize SMS Messages in Government

SMS (text messaging) marketing is a growing strategy in the private sector. And we shouldn’t count out mobile in the public sector either. There are over 5 billion mobile phone users around the world. SMS messaging plays a large role with those billions of mobile phone users. In an infographic released by Text Sprout, an… Read more »

Thoughts for the New Year: 2014 public sector trends

As we wrap up 2013, we’re excited about what’s around the corner in 2014. It’s the time of year where everyone puts out predictions for 2014, but at GovDelivery, we want to know what you think. Instead of listing out all our predictions for the new year, we’re interested in learning what public sector trends… Read more »

The Public Sector Knows How to Spread Holiday Cheer

As the year winds down there’s a collective holiday season frenzy nearly everywhere you look: a Christmas tree here, a holiday sale there, and gingerbread lattes everywhere. In the public sector, the holiday season brings a loftier goal than simply selling more trees and lattes—communicating with citizens to keep them safe and informed. Along with… Read more »

Mission Value in Communications

If a new acquaintance comes up to you at a party and asks you what you do in your job, how would you answer? Think about your response. Does it include or tie to your organization’s mission? It can be easy in the daily hustle and bustle to forget how your work is tied to… Read more »

Forget a Social Media Strategy – Craft a Content Strategy

By John Simpson, Engagement Consultant The use of social media by government organizations as a means to better reach the public is more often becoming standard practice. Guidance from resources like and lessons from events like the Boston Marathon Bombing have taken the use of social media from “should” to “must.” However, the rush… Read more »

Controlling your Communications

There are a lot of things in life we can’t control: traffic, the weather, our father-in-law’s Thanksgiving toast. All this lack of control can sometimes leave a person feeling a little, well, helpless. As much as Hollywood likes to romanticize a free-spirited approach to life (see the “manic  pixie dream girl” trope), in reality, being… Read more »

Optimizing Your Digital Communications Bus Route

Living in a metropolitan area, I ride the bus and other major transportation a lot. It’s convenient, cheap and a great way to escape the cold Minnesota winters for a few blocks. And it also happens to be a good model for optimizing a successful digital communications strategy in government. Think about a bus route… Read more »