Spotlight on Success in 2017


Goodbye, 2017. It’s been quite a year. It had its up, its downs and its downright questionable moments. But one thing’s for sure: A lot has happened. That’s certainly the case at Granicus. Following the merger of Granicus and GovDelivery last year, we rebranded under a new, unified name. We’ve grown by helping more government… Read more »

What We Can Learn from Private Sector Decision Making


In my many years working with public sector organizations, one question comes up over and over again particularly at the more senior levels of government: How can we be more _________  (fill in the blank with nimble, results-oriented, customer-driven, efficient, or any other adjective out of the MBA vocabulary) like the private sector? The reason… Read more »

How To Integrate Video Into Your Daily Communications

To best communicate technical or sensitive information to your audience, consider integrating video into your communications plans in a greater way. Until recently, video work has been an expensive, highly technical and time-consuming tool. Digital experts were often times outsourced from private firms to get you a 90-second PSA useful for just one campaign. For… Read more »

Three Simple Steps Toward Better Stakeholder Engagement

Engagement is the name of the game in 2014. According to a recent GovDelivery survey of local, federal, and UK government agencies, forty percent of respondents named increasing stakeholder engagement as their number one communications objective this year. Better communication strategies lead to better stakedholder engagement, and more importantly, better engagement leads to more mission… Read more »