5 Tips for Sprucing Up Your Email Content


Do you ever feel like you’re in a writing rut when it comes to drafting emails? While government email copy is typically more buttoned-up and professional in tone, it doesn’t mean you can’t spruce up your writing and have fun with the process. The more engaging your copy is, the more your message will resonate,… Read more »

Plain Language Series Part 4: Everything You Need to Know

To put it simply, Plain Language is communication that can be understood the first time your audience reads it. Plain Language is a powerful tool that the public sector can use to reduce confusion, significantly improve customer service, and save valuable time and resources. In the latest Plain Language series, we’ve explored the Plain Language… Read more »

Plain Language Series Part 3: Ready to Write!

This week, we’re going to explore writing – the third step in the Plain Language process. To recap, here are the steps: Plan Organize Write Edit Review Before drafting a piece of content, you must have a solid understanding of your readers, have all of the necessary information including the key message, and be able… Read more »

Plain Language Series Part 2: Organize

In case you missed it, we’re continuing our Plain Language series that takes a deep dive into how we can best use the Plain Language process to improve our daily communications and reduce confusion. (To catch up, check out The Importance of Plain Language in the Public Sector and Plain Language Series Part 1: Planning… Read more »

Plain Language Series Part 1: Planning Makes Perfect


Last week, we began a conversation around the Importance of Using Plain Language in the Public Sector: an overview of how using simple, to-the-point content can benefit your organization. In summary, Plain Language is the phrase we use when describing an effort to simplify (NOT “dumb down”) content that has shown substantial results in saving… Read more »

The Importance of Plain Language in the Public Sector

Think back to a time when you received unclear directions. Maybe you took a wrong turn, ended up in dead end, or got lost completely. Frustrating, right? In the public sector, we are charged with providing clear information, updates and directions to our constituents – they make up our roadmaps for navigating our programs and… Read more »

Fighting jargon? Here’s how to convince your boss to be more plainspoken

In government communications, there are so many rules and regulations that need to be met, and it’s easy for that to take over the writing. But we all know that kind of writing is hard to understand. Writing in plain language is critical to improving stakeholder/customer satisfaction. If you’re working on eliminating the jargon, or… Read more »