Factoring the “Power of Reach” into your Public Sector Communications

The Port of Tacoma was looking for a digital communications solution to deliver relevant information to its stakeholders, and increase the number of those stakeholders that it was able to quickly and easily reach. Using GovDelivery, the Port of Tacoma overcame challenges in deliverability, automation and integration with internal systems. The GovDelivery Communications Cloud is now… Read more »

Finding Your Untold Stories

By Amy Larsen, Client Success Consultant When I talk with state and local government organizations that are interested in communicating more with the public, there is a usually a pretty consistent idea on what kinds of information should go out to citizens. Far and away the messages we see most frequently from state and local… Read more »

Driving Mission Impact with Helpful Communications

Helping citizens is at the core of government’s mission, so shouldn’t it follow that helping is also at the core of government communications? In the age of social media and mobile, it can be easy to feel like your organization’s voice is just one in a countless sea of others. In an effort to set… Read more »

Measuring mission impact: one size does not fit all

The “One Size Fits All” method might work for Little League t-shirts, but when it comes to government communications, “One Size Fits All” is a real strikeout. It seems like a no-brainer to say that every organization should determine its own unique set of communications goals, delivery, and metrics, right? Surprisingly, however, this is one… Read more »