The 4 (Big) Differences Between Marketing and Public Relations

You’ve heard it many times: the term “marketing” used interchangeably with “public relations.” But are they really the same thing? While they may support one another and can be used to drive a similar outcome, marketing and public relations are very different. The differences lie primarily in the ways marketing and public relations contribute to… Read more »

Want to Change the World? That’s Marketing


At GovDelivery, we work with organizations solving big problems. For communities across the country, governments are changing the environments we live in, providing the access to care we need and enhancing our abilities to live our best lives. The new reality is that in order to continue to accomplish real-world outcomes, the public sector must… Read more »

Ignore the Emergence of Impact Communications at Your Own Risk

Sometimes you can see the sunset, and it is a beautiful thing.  But when the sun is setting on your role and your ability to contribute to the organization you serve, it’s troubling.  That is happening for many public sector communicators, and there is still time to change and turn this disappointing sunset into a… Read more »

Email Wins Again

88% of marketers believe that email marketing does or will produce a return on investment (ROI) for their organization, according to a recent MarketingProfs article. According to the same article, nearly two-thirds of marketers surveyed also say that email is at the core of their business.  With the steady attention to emerging social media platforms… Read more »