How Louisville’s History of Published Service Calls is Transforming 311


The city of Louisville has become one of the first to publish comprehensive citizen service request data using an Open 311-compatible bulk dataset — 23 years’ worth, to be exact. Louisville’s data is hosted by GovDelivery DKAN, providing the city with a variety of cataloging, publishing, and visualization options for their datasets. Now with the… Read more »

4 Takeaways from the Louisville Summit on Government Performance & Innovation

The first-ever national Summit on Government Performance & Innovation in Louisville, KY brought together the best and brightest innovation teams and civic leaders from around the county to collaborate on the ways to drive continuous improvement and better serve customers throughout the public sector. Leaders from Oakland to Boston covered a range of topics from… Read more »

Why government must embrace failure as a mission critical value

In the current heated political climate, lots of air time is given to the failures of the opposing party. “This policy was a total failure.” “That idea cost us a fortune and nothing worked.” “That was a horrible idea, and I will work to reverse it.” This kind of rhetoric highlights two important issues that… Read more »

3 Not-So-Obvious Email Tips for Government to Effectively Reach Citizens

I’d venture to say that for most of us working in or with government, the more people we can reach effectively, the better off we are. Here are three not-so-obvious ways to do this. For additional best practices like this, be sure to download our newly released guide: Public Sector Digital Management Communication: The Critical… Read more »