State of Government Technology in 2017: Progress

Businessman touching gears

With a new administration coming in and a focus on local government infrastructure, what kinds of changes can we expect to see across the local and state government front, and how can you look to improve your city? We already know that government leaders at the state and local level see a need for more… Read more »

Survey shows that citizens want more communications technology to improve public safety

As reported recently on, a new survey released by Accenture reveals that citizens across the board want more ways to report crime and help support crime reduction in their neighborhoods. In fact, more than two-thirds of respondents believe that technology is at the heart of the matter. Underscoring the need for increased use of… Read more »

5 Ways to build engaged communities around open data

If you’ve read any of the articles looking back at the best of 2014 or anticipating 2015 trends as we close out the year, you know that open data, unsurprisingly, is a hot topic. GovDelivery was even in the news with our acquisition of open data champion, NuCivic, in December. It’s clear that open data… Read more »

Our top 10 blog posts from 2014

7 + billion messages sent, 52 new customers, 15 domestic and international events, and a major redesign on our core platform all add up to a very busy 2014 at GovDelivery! We joined forces with many new clients across the U.S. and Europe to deliver better communications and improve citizen interactions, and we even acquired a… Read more »

Open to growing our impact. Why we believe in NuCivic and Drupal.

I have met some amazing people during my years serving government.  One that really stands out is Andrew Hoppin.  In 2010, when Andrew was CIO of the NY State Senate, another Andrew I greatly admire, Andrew Rasiej (founder of the Personal Democracy Forum), encouraged me to meet Andrew Hoppin. Andrew H. (got to keep the… Read more »