The Chameleon of Government Communications

Good government communicators are chameleons. As communicators, you adapt quickly and effectively to changing situations every day, whether it’s internal (like last minute change to an email campaign) or external (like the recent government shutdown). You adapt as needed to engage the public amidst changing legislation, budgets and projects. But how well does your organization… Read more »

Five Ways to Get Citizens to Listen and Keep on Listening

Building a successful government communications plan has never been a simple task. In the digital age, it’s become increasingly difficult for citizens to receive your messages, considering the constant noise surrounding them. Content development is one of the many strategies in a government communicator’s digital toolbox that helps to capture more of these distracted citizens. But… Read more »

Controlling your Communications

There are a lot of things in life we can’t control: traffic, the weather, our father-in-law’s Thanksgiving toast. All this lack of control can sometimes leave a person feeling a little, well, helpless. As much as Hollywood likes to romanticize a free-spirited approach to life (see the “manic  pixie dream girl” trope), in reality, being… Read more »