The Top 10 Emerging Trends in Government Learning

In 1728, the world’s first long-distance learning experience was established in Boston with written lessons sent back-and-forth from teachers to students via mail. Fast forward to the modern era of remote learning: today, 98 percent of colleges and universities offer online courses for students. At GovDelivery, we’re transforming learning for the public sector — whether… Read more »

5 Moments of Learning Need

Are you about to step into a new role at work? Is your team changing, and with that change finding they need more learning opportunities? GovLoop can help. In the meantime, see what types of learning opportunities can help your team the most.

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4 Signs It’s Time to Switch Your LMS

Originally posted by Andrew Krzmarzick on the GovLoop Blog. Learning Management Systems (LMS) are only growing in popularity. In fact, according to Docebo’s E-Learning Market Trends and Forecast report, the global LMS market is estimated to grow by 23% between 2017 and 2018. This strong growth can be partly attributed to the strong technological advancements… Read more »