What’s next for transportation?

Transportation is evolving – and there was no better place to watch advancement in the industry take place than the Transportation Research Board (TRB) Annual Event in Washington D.C. This year, GovDelivery met with hundreds of public sector transportation professionals across all levels of government and received nearly 100 survey responses on technology trends to… Read more »

The Power of Networks: Abhi Nemani on Joining GovDelivery & GovLoop as Civic Innovator-in-Residence

By Abhi Nemani, Civic Innovator-in-Residence at GovDelivery  As a student of civic technology for some years now, it’s rare that I come across numbers that stun me. I’ve grown accustomed to typical facts and figures echoed by players in the space: X engaged users, Y partner governments. Typically, you’ll see some breakouts but, like many things,… Read more »