Facebook’s Top 10 for Government

By Mary Yang, Marketing Communications Manager, GovDelivery At GovDelivery’s October 19th social media conference in Washington, DC, more than 300 attendees received some valuable tips on Facebook usage by government agencies from Adam Conner, Associate Manager of Public Policy at Facebook. His engaging, fast-paced and helpful presentation included his top 10 “musts” for governments using Facebook… Read more »

Public Safety All-Stars – Using Digital Channels To Keep Us Safe

By Jennifer Kaplan, Client Success Consultant, State & Local “Public Safety” is typically defined as the prevention of and protection from events that could endanger the safety of the general public from significant danger, injury/harm or damage.  Public safety as a whole is crucial to our well being, and we rely our on our Police… Read more »

New Facebook Page Insights Available Now

By Lauren Modeen, Manager of Digital Strategy, GovDelivery/GovLoop Facebook Page Insights are now available to page owners. This is a significant improvement from the previous insights capability with lots of opportunity to dive into more granular data, learn more about what your audience wants, host better conversations, and reach more fans. Here’s a fantastic guide… Read more »

Dealing with negative feedback in social media

By Lauren Modeen, Digital Strategist, GovDelivery Professional Services Regardless of whether you are representing yourself, an agency, a company, a non-profit, or a campaign online, you will most likely encounter negative digital feedback. While you cannot control what the world puts in front of you, you can control how you respond. In fact, how you… Read more »