3 Steps to Awesome Email Design

Emails are a critical part of almost any communication strategy. As government communicators, you’re putting time and effort into better connecting with your audience, so you want to ensure that your department’s emails are designed to encourage your stakeholders to take action and engage with your organization. What can you do to up your email… Read more »

Why you should archive your emails on your site and how to do it

By Lucas Pillman, Technical Implementation Consultant at GovDelivery Are you reposting the content of the emails you send to stakeholders on your website? If not, you are missing out on two important benefits that can easily upgrade your current communications: increased SEO and outreach.  Increased SEO  Search engines love to see original and new content… Read more »

We Need an Exit Strategy for Facebook

See original post on GovLoop. Guest Post by: Derek Belt, Social Media Specialist – King County, WA Have you watched somewhat helplessly these past few months as your Facebook interactions dropped rapidly? Has the “reach” of your posts dipped as low as you’ve ever seen it, no matter how great your content is? It’s not your… Read more »

CrowdHall and Tint: The latest social media platforms for government

It’s difficult to keep up with the newest social media trends; just when you think you know the most important sites available to communicate with the public, new ones pop up. There are currently no less than 70 networking sites deemed federal-compatible for government use, making the possibilities somewhat overwhelming. The increase of social media… Read more »

Do numbers no longer matter?

After reading through what may have been my hundredth list of government communications, social media, and technology predictions for the new year, I came across one prediction that warranted a break in my obsessive trend reading: “numbers no longer matter.” In the Huffington Post’s list of 12 social media predictions in 2014, author Penny C.… Read more »

Gov Goes Gram: Why Government Should Be Using Instagram

I am an admitted social media addict–I’m constantly connecting, checking and updating my various personal accounts. Although it’s been around for awhile now, lately I have found myself borderline obsessed with Instagram. It’s wonderfully engaging and combines the best parts of Facebook and Twitter through a constantly updated stream of photos. Instagram describes itself as… Read more »

What’s In and What’s Out with Email Subscriptions

If you’re on a mission to grow your subscriber base – and many in government are – this is the post for you!   Recently, ReturnPath published a report showing trends that may help you avoid some subscriber list pitfalls. These trends were culled from private sector email marketing, and with as much as you need… Read more »

Great Government Websites – Benchmarking the Best

Our recent post on the websites three deadly sins to avoid for government websites looking to engage stakeholders and gain web traffic discussed why the majority of websites fail to attract their target audience. While many websites may struggle to meet customer expectations, especially in the public sector, there are many shining examples of government… Read more »

Answering Your Outreach Acceleration Questions

In our recent webinar, “Accelerate your Outreach for Maximum Impact” our GovDelivery Engagement Consultants had dozens of questions from webinar attendees. We’ve pulled out some of the most critical questions, providing a transcript of the question and detailed answer. Q: My organization is new to reaching out through digital communications. How exactly do you connect… Read more »

What Storytelling and Kevin Spacey Can Do for You

Though Harold and the Purple Crayon  will always be a timeless classic, the term “storytelling” probably conjures up images of kindergarten carpets and night-lights rather than innovative marketing tactics. Despite this, the concept of storytelling in communications is actually making a big comeback. As this article on the Content Marketing Institute website, “Corporate Storytelling from… Read more »