Internal Communications 2.0

By Steve Ressler, Mr. GovLoop There has been a lot of discussion about using new media to coordinate with citizens. Additionally, there continues to be more focus on improving collaboration inside agencies. However, one piece I often see missing is utilizing new media to improve internal communications. Why is this important? While communicating with the… Read more »

Why Should Government be Interested in Pinterest?

You may have heard people talking about the hottest thing in social media, Pinterest. For those not aware of what Pinterest is, it’s a “Pin-Board” styled social photo sharing website. The site allows you to create and manage theme-based image and video collections. Popular topics include recipes, fashion, celebrities, animals, design and nature. The way… Read more »

Social media is more than just followers

By John Simpson, Federal Consultant It’s a given that social media and its wide reach with the public has revolutionized how organizations and companies interact with their stakeholders. Communicating to citizens through channels like Facebook and Twitter allows for a free, easy and more direct connection. Much of the government has embraced social media, working… Read more »

Public sector subscriptions – 5 myths busted

By Dave Worsell, Director, Government Solutions, GovDelivery UK We live in the “Information Age”.  We clamour for information. We want it now in bite-sized, personalised chunks.  We demand it in the format we want, on the device we want, when we want it…often before we even know we want it. More, more, more… Amazon sees… Read more »

5 Discussion Topics to Drive Activity in Your Online Community

Do you know the biggest killer for an online community? Yep, that’s right. It’s boorrrriinnnggg. So how do you keep a community alive? Good discussions. Here are five fail safe discussion threads to keep the fire burning. These are some of the most popular discussion topics on GovLoop, an online community of 53,650 members, boasting… Read more »

Sift Through Big Data to Find Real Insight

There is a ton of talk today about “big” data.  The concept comes from our ever increasing ability to collect, store, and manage larger and larger datasets full of vast amounts of information – customer information, habits, purchasing patterns, social media visits, and so on.  Unfortunately, I think many private and public organizations have become… Read more »

Government success with social media

This blog post is a response to a recent article in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Star Tribune on social media in government. It was a great article, but I felt compelled to respond! ************ I work for a company that does digital communication management (email/text/rss/social media) exclusively for the public sector.  It’s relatively common for cities… Read more »

12 Cool Social Media Stats, Tools, and Books Not to Miss – Part 2

You can get caught up the first six cool social media stats, tool, and books here. I searched high and low, near and far to bring you the next set. Enjoy! Cool Find #7: 15 Commandments for Government Agencies on Twitter Guide. Shameless plug for my amazing GovLoop co-workers, but this guide “Thou Shalt Tweet”… Read more »

16 Communication Tips to Live By

Want to rise up? Have a healthy, long, fulfilling career? Be a good communicator. All the brains, money, and effort isn’t enough if you can’t represent yourself well over your life. I just read this wonderful article on the Top 10 Best and Worst Communicators of 2011 and from it distilled 16 communication tips to live… Read more »

12 Cool Social Media Stats, Tools, and Books Not to Miss – Part 1

To continue the ongoing holiday theme of 12 –  I thought it would be helpful to share my favorite 12 social media stats, tools, and books that I’ve come across this week. You know – – instead of french hens or ladies dancing. Although french hens would definitely be neat. But I digress. Here are… Read more »