Coming Soon to a City Near You: Civic Technology

This morning, while hopped up on caffeine at my favorite coffee shop, I overheard two recent Washington DC grads talking. One asked the other: “So, what are your plans these days?” “Get a gig with Code for America” replied the 20-something. YEAH! I thought, smiling as I turned the pages of my latest Atlantic Monthly… Read more »

Proposing the The Office of Yes staffed with Citizen Concierges

Some of the greatest barriers at the local level to citizen engagement are the experiences many citizens have when they approach government with questions or request for assistance and receive answers like “that is not permitted,” or my personal favorite…. “First, you need to come to headquarters on the third Tuesday of the month at… Read more »

Me Government: The Critical Role of Government in the Internet’s Political Power

I’m a long time fan of the Personal Democracy Forum and am thrilled to be at PDF 2012, which is embarrassingly the first time I’ve been able to make the trip to see this important meeting of the Internet’s thought leaders in person. The theme of this year’s conference is the “Internet’s New Political Power”… Read more »

Digital Communication Best Practices Guide Now Available

GovDelivery just released a new guide – Public Sector Digital Communication Management Best Practices: The Critical Role of Email – that details tips and strategies culled from more than 500 state, local, federal and international government organizations. Government Technology recently ran an article with some strategies from this guide. With all the buzz around social… Read more »

What is Community Culture?

Managing an online community can be like being on recess duty at middle school when all the kids are hopped on sugar and have been stuck inside for a week because of rain. Having a set of rules that everyone understands and agrees with beforehand can help restore order when everyone is really excited or… Read more »

Top 7 Ways to Engage Event Participants Online & Offline

If you’ve coordinated an event, you know the typical challenges. What are the topics you’ll cover? How do you keep participants informed and involved before and after the event? How do you increase participation? How do you build momentum for an event that’s months away? With restrained budgets and more pressure to justify attending an… Read more »

Free Twitter Guide!

Recently, Twitter released a very nice 20 page guide for using Twitter for small business. While the title references small business, the tips they give are completely relevant for government. Twitter breaks their guide up into 3 chapters: Get started Engage your audience Amplify your impact In the “Get Started” section they provide a great… Read more »

Live Stream Without Having a Heart Attack

Live streaming is an effective tactic to engage those who cannot attend your event in person and to distribute your messages to broader audiences. Some other examples of government organizations who live stream are: The White House, The Minnesota Senate, and NYC Council Committee on Technology. But live streaming can be stressful enough to induce a heart attack.… Read more »

8 Ways for Government to Engage Citizens with Social Media

Last week, Kristy Fifelski, known as “GovGirl”, shared tips and tools for government organizations looking to take their social media efforts to the next level in a GovDelivery-sponsored webinar titled “You’re On Social Media…Now What?”. The upbeat presentation provided useful ideas beyond the simple how-to’s of setting up a social media presence, offering actionable tactics… Read more »