How to Choose the Right Mobile Design for Email


There is perhaps no term more misunderstood with regards to email design than “mobile”. There are so many different mobile devices and mobile email clients, and they don’t all handle the same email the same way. All you know is that you just want it to work how it should work, and look good on… Read more »

5 Email Design Tips for Non-Designers


When it comes to designing a solid digital message, having a graphic designer on hand can be a great resource. But what if you don’t have one on your team? Just because you don’t have access to professional design doesn’t mean you can’t start small and make any digital message look good. To help non-designers… Read more »

JPG, PNG or GIF? Which image format should you be using in your digital design?

By Brendan Johnson, Design Intern at GovDelivery As government communicators, often we have to work with design in all formats, especially digital design. But when you need to throw a picture up on your website, into an email, or send out in a social media post, is it a quick and easy process? Do you… Read more »

3 Steps to Awesome Email Design

Emails are a critical part of almost any communication strategy. As government communicators, you’re putting time and effort into better connecting with your audience, so you want to ensure that your department’s emails are designed to encourage your stakeholders to take action and engage with your organization. What can you do to up your email… Read more »

Spring Cleaning Your Email Design

There comes a time in every homeowner’s life—the months of March, April, and May, to be exact—when you’re forced to stop, look around you, and realize that the cobwebs in the corner and the dryer that’s spitting flames can no longer be ignored. It’s that magical time of year when the brooms come out and… Read more »