The Value of Delivering an Email to an Inbox


In the last decade, the evolution of the email newsletter has been fascinating to watch. From must-use template designs to the most effective subject lines, there are a million tips for drafting the perfect email. While the strategies behind use of email in communicating have been largely unchanged (the need to stay relevant, increase audience… Read more »

Email remains king in both the private and the public sectors

The latest of many studies on email reaffirms what many of our GovDelivery clients prove on a daily basis: in the world of ever-changing digital communications channels, email remains king. In a recent study of over 300 U.S.-based digital marketing professionals, respondents consistently ranked email higher than social media marketing, content marketing, and other marketing… Read more »

Stearns County Shows the Power of Email

Lowering local crime rates is the goal of every law enforcement agency, but it’s not an easy goal to achieve. Local police departments create crime tip phone lines; however, calling isn’t always the best option to report crimes. And in this more digital world, many citizens prefer to use channels they’re already using. For this… Read more »