Building a Larger than Life Virtual Community in State and Local Government

How a Police Department established an online following more than eight times the size of their city’s population It’s not every day that a small police department makes an impact in their community and across the world through digital communications, but that’s exactly what’s happening in Brimfield, Ohio. The Brimfield Police Department (PD) has a city… Read more »

Federal Digital Communications Event Rescheduled Due to Shutdown

Due to the government shutdown, we’ve decided to move our annual Federal Digital Communications Event to Monday, December 9. With continued uncertainty as to when federal employees will be coming back to work, we thought it would be best to move the event back so everyone could attend. More than 650 federal employees had already… Read more »

State of Indiana – Now reaching 1 million digital subscribers

By Mary Yang, Marketing Communications Manager, GovDelivery Earlier this month, the State of Indiana crossed the 1 million subscriber milestone with their digital communications program. It’s sort of mind-boggling (and awesome) when you think about what that means: Indiana was able to get 1 million of their residents to raise their hands and say, “Yes,… Read more »