Text messages can help you find in-person enrollment help

GovDelivery client King County, Washington recently kicked off a new mobile communications initiative to spread the word about their healthcare offerings and services. Here is a guest post from King County on how text messaging is helping the organization reach more people.  An innovative new texting program is making it a little easier to find… Read more »

Leadership Excellence Award Winner Carl Haggerty on the State of Local Government Communications

Congratulations to Carl Haggerty for winning the Leadership Excellence award from the Guardian’s Public Leaders Network! Haggerty is the Digital Communications Manager at GovDelivery client, Devon County Council. He champions and develops the digital agenda within the council and oversees the council’s corporate web presence and intranet. We were lucky to have him as one… Read more »

Controlling your Communications

There are a lot of things in life we can’t control: traffic, the weather, our father-in-law’s Thanksgiving toast. All this lack of control can sometimes leave a person feeling a little, well, helpless. As much as Hollywood likes to romanticize a free-spirited approach to life (see the “manic  pixie dream girl” trope), in reality, being… Read more »

Optimizing Your Digital Communications Bus Route

Living in a metropolitan area, I ride the bus and other major transportation a lot. It’s convenient, cheap and a great way to escape the cold Minnesota winters for a few blocks. And it also happens to be a good model for optimizing a successful digital communications strategy in government. Think about a bus route… Read more »

Integrating Drupal with GovDelivery

By Rishi Vajpeyi, Solutions Consultant Among content management systems—software that enables publishing, editing and modifying content on a website—Drupal continues to be a major player in the public sector space following its widespread adoption by the White House, Small Business Administration, House of Representatives, Department of Energy, and Department of Education, to name just a few customers.  In… Read more »

2013 Digital Cities Winners: Congratulations to GovDelivery Clients!

Achieving cost savings, citizen engagement, and more effective services in their communities 2013 was a transformative year for the adoption of innovative technology in government. And some GovDelivery clients were at the forefront of these technology movements. Last week, Government Technology announced the winners of the 2013 Digital Cities awards. Coordinated by the Center for… Read more »

Making the Best of the Worst Online Reviews

Online reviews aren’t just for your favorite restaurant or bed and breakfast anymore. They’re becoming a commonplace standard for any consumer-facing organization—including in the public sector. In our 3 Ways Peer-to-Peer Services Will Rock Government’s World blog post awhile back we touched on how Yelp, among other online review sites, is already being used to… Read more »

Gov Goes Gram: Why Government Should Be Using Instagram

I am an admitted social media addict–I’m constantly connecting, checking and updating my various personal accounts. Although it’s been around for awhile now, lately I have found myself borderline obsessed with Instagram. It’s wonderfully engaging and combines the best parts of Facebook and Twitter through a constantly updated stream of photos. Instagram describes itself as… Read more »

No Government Organisation is an Island

“No department can sit in isolation… so many things that the citizen is interested in connect between departments and they connect between you and central government. And if government is going to be successful at delivering this very ambitious intent to put the public and business at the heart of everything then that is really… Read more »

Picking up the Pieces of Government Public Satisfaction: Best Digital Practices to Implement Immediately

Public trust in government has been on the top of the radar lately following the U.S. government shutdown. In the height of the shutdown, Gallup released poll results showing that only 18 percent of Americans were satisfied with the U.S. government—that’s the lowest the satisfaction rating has been in Gallup’s history of asking the question… Read more »