Best Practices for Communicating on Challenging Topics

Challenging Topics

Have you ever been asked to communicate about something that people need, but don’t want to hear? It can be one of the many challenging situations we find ourselves in – having to communicate with citizens about an unfortunate circumstance, tragedy or epidemic. In government, these are topics like homelessness, suicide prevention, economic downturns, criminal activity… Read more »

Designing Public Services for the Digital Age


One of the featured speakers at the Public Sector Communications Conference in London on Thursday was Carrie Bishop of FutureGov, who spoke to her organization’s mission of designing public services for the digital age. FutureGov is based in the U.K., but helps governments around the world think deeper about how they should be interacting and… Read more »

Intentional Accessibility: Making Content Available to All


Accessibility – the design of products, devices, services or environments for people who experience disabilities. President Richard Nixon signed the Rehabilitation Act on September 26, 1973, which prohibited discrimination on the basis of disability in programs run by federal agencies. In 1998, Congress amended the act, which strengthened Section 508, requiring that federal agencies also… Read more »

5 Trends in Government Technology We’ll See in 2017


This post was originally featured on LinkedIn. There’s a lot of great thinking on the future of government technology going on right now.  Jennifer Pahlka (CEO of Code for America) is writing a fantastic series over at Medium. Bill Eggers’ new book on Delivering on Digital is a must-read for the new government leaders. I… Read more »

6 Simple A/B Testing Options for Beginners


Your organization spends massive amounts of time putting together information to benefit the people it serves, and as a sophisticated communicator you likely have strong instincts on best practices. But relying on instincts alone can be frustrating when they don’t produce the results you’re looking for. The good news? It’s easier now than ever to… Read more »