Why Challenge.gov is Driving Innovation + Livestream on Thursday 11/10! Join in!

INNOVATION AT ITS BEST: CHALLENGE.GOV. Government has made a ton of progress in innovation over the last few years. And many will find it hard to disagree that some of the most innovative citizen creations have been catalyzed and precipitated with the launch of Challenge.gov. What is it? Challenge.gov is simply a place where the… Read more »

Public Safety All-Stars – Using Digital Channels To Keep Us Safe

By Jennifer Kaplan, Client Success Consultant, State & Local “Public Safety” is typically defined as the prevention of and protection from events that could endanger the safety of the general public from significant danger, injury/harm or damage.  Public safety as a whole is crucial to our well being, and we rely our on our Police… Read more »

Biggest Online Community Killer?

By Lauren Modeen, Manager of Online Strategy, GovLoop Ever wondered what the biggest online community killer is? I’ve been looking at communities lately of all shapes and sizes. Is it mean bloggers? Spam? Too controversial? Answer: Not Interesting So…how do you keep things interesting? 5 Ways to Make Your Community Interesting 1. Invite people passionate… Read more »