Measuring ROI in Government Communications

“We can no longer ignore financial accountability in the public sector. We must place a financial value on the impact our communications make.” -Guy Dominy, author of Measuring the Value of a Subscriber. Financial accountability in the private sector usually translates into proving to your boss that the marketing dollars you spent translated to sales.… Read more »

Survey shows that citizens want more communications technology to improve public safety

As reported recently on, a new survey released by Accenture reveals that citizens across the board want more ways to report crime and help support crime reduction in their neighborhoods. In fact, more than two-thirds of respondents believe that technology is at the heart of the matter. Underscoring the need for increased use of… Read more »

What’s next for transportation?

Transportation is evolving – and there was no better place to watch advancement in the industry take place than the Transportation Research Board (TRB) Annual Event in Washington D.C. This year, GovDelivery met with hundreds of public sector transportation professionals across all levels of government and received nearly 100 survey responses on technology trends to… Read more »

Digital Engagement Strategy Series: Tell a Story (4)

By John Simpson, Engagement Consultant at GovDelivery There are a few basic components that anyone can leverage when beginning to develop the framework for their digital engagement strategy or evaluate an existing one. This blog series will go into each of these basics reviewed in our webinar on Stakeholder Engagement in Federal Government to provide… Read more »

Do you purge your unengaged lists, or do you try to re-engage?

As a government communicator, you may have a significant list of customers that aren’t engaging with your communications. So, do you regularly go through your list of unengaged stakeholders and remove them from your digital communications efforts? Or do you attempt to re-engage with your stakeholders? The answers to both are probably not, but that… Read more »