StumbleUpon: More Compelling Statistics

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a blog entry about StumbleUpon – what it is (social bookmarking tool), what it does (drives website traffic), and why you should probably know about it (the tool doubled its user base to 20 million in less than two years). StumbleUpon recently worked with a data visualization/visual content… Read more »

How to Create an Online Discussion that Will Ignite Conversation

One of simplest strategies online community managers use to keep the community fire burning bright is to ignite conversations throughout the community. However, there are methods to ignite this discussion that will increase the chances that it will survive versus peter out in a few minutes. Take a look at the very successful discussion below… Read more »

Innovation for the rest of us

By Jeremy Greene, Director of Product Management, GovDelivery With the passing of Steve Jobs last month, the blogosphere has been chock-full of commentary around innovation and good product design. As a product guy, I find this fascinating. But as I’ve read through pages of articles highlighting Jobs’ search for “insanely great” product design I started… Read more »

Just put a zombie in it

By Mary Yang, Marketing Communications Manager, GovDelivery Like many communications professionals, social media specialists, online community managers, and every other title/position that’s trying to get the word out about your organization’s services and awesomeness, there are some days where my mind draws a blank for my next blog post. I’ve learned not to fear it… Read more »

Facebook’s Top 10 for Government

By Mary Yang, Marketing Communications Manager, GovDelivery At GovDelivery’s October 19th social media conference in Washington, DC, more than 300 attendees received some valuable tips on Facebook usage by government agencies from Adam Conner, Associate Manager of Public Policy at Facebook. His engaging, fast-paced and helpful presentation included his top 10 “musts” for governments using Facebook… Read more »

Analyst or Reporter – Implications for Data

By Dennis Still, Client Performance Analyst, GovDelivery I was watching the news the other day and started thinking about the differences between news analysts and news reporters.  Many channels now have folks with titles like senior news analyst, senior Washington correspondent, policy analyst, and so on.  When did reporting “news” become more than just actually… Read more »