GovDelivery Awarded G-Cloud III Framework Contract

By Kathy Kyle, Digital Communications Consultant at GovDelivery GovDelivery was recently awarded a G-Cloud III framework contract for its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud-based solutions, making it easier for government to reach more people. G-Cloud III is important as it continues to enable UK public sector departments and organisations to easily access centrally negotiated deals and transact… Read more »

Becoming a Hero to Returning Veterans and Families

By Lance Horne, General Manager, GovDelivery Federal Team Last year, Forbes magazine published an article written by a United States Marine Corp sergeant about what it’s like to return from combat. While warfighters are thrilled to be back, many face the surreal task of returning to the life they knew before combat. They come from… Read more »

Adopting Cloud to Cut Costs: Organizational Use and Employees’ Influence

An article posted late last week on Government Technology discusses the increase in cloud adoption driven by educators who have been using cloud services personally and influencing their organizations to do the same.  The article cites a CDW-G survey that reports that 73 percent of IT professionals surveyed “say their employees’ personal use of cloud… Read more »

Taking an Entrepreneurial Jump on the Cloud

By Lance Horne, General Manager, GovDelivery Federal Team Has anyone ever encouraged you to act more like an entrepreneur? If you’ve been given well-meaning advice about being more nimble and agile in your federal agency, then you probably know what I’m talking about. The Merriam Webster definition of entrepreneur is “one who organizes, manages, and… Read more »

Ahead in the Clouds?

By Dave Worsell, Director, Government Solutions, GovDelivery UK I’ve worked with UK Government long enough to be more than a bit sceptical when they announce an initiative like the CloudStore as a vehicle for SMEs to engage with government. Sure it sounds like good idea. Government working closely with SMEs, purchasing innovative technologies that are… Read more »

Changing the government IT landscape with CloudStore

On Sunday, February 19, the Government Procurement Service officially launched CloudStore for UK central government and local authorities. The UK government first proposed the G-Cloud initiative over two years ago with the goal of bringing a wider range of cloud suppliers to the public sector while increasing the flexibility of procurement contracts. The programme wanted… Read more »