Are silos preventing you from achieving concrete channel shift?

By Mark Nicholson, Account Director, GovDelivery UK My interest was reignited recently on the topic of useful information being virtually untapped (and potentially rendered useless) because certain “islands of information” remain unlinked.  This can be for technical reasons or, in the UK, Data Protection.  Both are a human problem which really should be sorted out… Read more »

Live Stream Without Having a Heart Attack

Live streaming is an effective tactic to engage those who cannot attend your event in person and to distribute your messages to broader audiences. Some other examples of government organizations who live stream are: The White House, The Minnesota Senate, and NYC Council Committee on Technology. But live streaming can be stressful enough to induce a heart attack.… Read more »

APIs and Tax Season

By Richard Fong, Technical Implementation Consultant Have you wondered how your organization can step into the mobile world? Do you want to extend your reach and drive more engagement with the general public wherever they can consume your content – whether that’s from a desktop or a mobile device such as a smartphone? The Internal… Read more »

Sift Through Big Data to Find Real Insight

There is a ton of talk today about “big” data.  The concept comes from our ever increasing ability to collect, store, and manage larger and larger datasets full of vast amounts of information – customer information, habits, purchasing patterns, social media visits, and so on.  Unfortunately, I think many private and public organizations have become… Read more »

The changing role of government

By Mark Capaldini, GovDelivery The role of government has evolved over time as citizen needs have changed. Today, government is being called on to do more with less. But with limited resources and a need to focus those resources on critical needs, the role of local government must evolve yet again. In Governing’s November 2011… Read more »

Facebook’s Top 10 for Government

By Mary Yang, Marketing Communications Manager, GovDelivery At GovDelivery’s October 19th social media conference in Washington, DC, more than 300 attendees received some valuable tips on Facebook usage by government agencies from Adam Conner, Associate Manager of Public Policy at Facebook. His engaging, fast-paced and helpful presentation included his top 10 “musts” for governments using Facebook… Read more »

Want to Sweeten Your Citizen Outreach? Head to the Fair!

As summer comes to an end, many of us bid the warm weather farewell by heading to our local state or county fairs to take in what’s left of outdoor entertainment (and fill up on fried food of course!). Fairs across the US draw large crowds throughout the summer, making it a perfect forum for public outreach from state and local government agencies.
The Kitsap County fair in Bremerton, Washington brought in about 35,000 people during its annual 5 day run in late August. This year, the communications department at Kitsap County decided to capitalize on this opportunity to promote the Kitsap County Electronic Communication System (KENS).