Digital Engagement Series: Build your brand

You have learned how to create and implement organizational objectives and develop a target audience. The next step is to unfold your brand. Step three of the public engagement series will give you a better understanding of what branding means to government organizations and how to set a foundation for all marketing endeavors through branding.… Read more »

7 Takeaways from UK government’s top communicators

Are you still measuring and delivering to the goals put in place when you launched your current digital channels? That was the first challenge posed to attendees at the 5th Annual UK Government Communications Conference. At this year’s event, speakers across European, Central and Local government gathered to share strategies to delivering and measuring the… Read more »

Q&A from the Digital Communications Webinar with Nottinghamshire County Council (Part 1)

Recently we held a webinar with Martin Done, Service Director Communications and Marketing and Sarah Lay, Senior Digital Officer of Nottinghamshire County Council to discuss the Council’s new branding efforts and outreach to drive avoidable contact and channel shift initiatives. You can watch a replay of the webinar here.  Due to an overwhelming number of… Read more »

Mission Value in Communications

If a new acquaintance comes up to you at a party and asks you what you do in your job, how would you answer? Think about your response. Does it include or tie to your organization’s mission? It can be easy in the daily hustle and bustle to forget how your work is tied to… Read more »