The top 5 things we learned about data at #fedcomm14

With over 400 attendees, 1,931,458 Twitter impressions and 8 compelling speakers, the 8th Annual GovDelivery Federal Communications Summit was all about data. However, it was not just about the velocity or volume of data that government has at their fingertips, it was about the relevant capacity in how government organizations can leverage and connect precise data… Read more »

The human impact of data

Data is a four-letter word that has great power in its potential to unlock significant value for government communities. By applying advanced analytics to proprietary knowledge, government agencies are harnessing the power of information to make things better for everyone. Open data is accessible public data that people, companies, and organizations can use to launch new… Read more »

Data changes everything.

On October 14, less than two short weeks from now, one of the largest gatherings of federal communicators will descend upon the Grand Hyatt Washington in Washington D.C. for GovDelivery’s 8th Annual Communications Summit. Looking to uncover the mystery of how individual agencies can harness data to influence change and get people to act, the… Read more »

GovDelivery’s 8th Annual Federal Communications Summit

GovDelivery’s 8th Annual Federal Communications Summit is just around the corner.  On Oct. 14 at the Grand Hyatt Washington in Washington, D.C., hundreds of government communicators and technologists will gather to exchange ideas, network, and learn how Federal agency employees can leverage the power of data for positive, influential change for the communities they serve. And we couldn’t… Read more »

Three Trends Top the List for Federal Agencies in 2013

More collaboration, better customer service, and expanded use of mobile devices and applications are top trends for federal government agencies in 2013. The trends are intertwined. Mobile devices/apps make information available 24/7 and increase interaction between customers and agencies and between agencies. The result is more collaboration and better customer service. About 200 individuals in… Read more »

Reaping Big Results from Big Data

By Lance Horne, General Manager, GovDelivery Federal Team I’ve covered a variety of topics in the past few weeks, including better government-to-citizen communications and cloud computing. Today, I’m going to delve into an area that is quite intriguing to me: big data. As a government agency, effective outreach to citizens can deliver a vast set… Read more »

Is “big data” essential or the latest marketing-driven buzz word?

By Brent Kastner, CTO, GovDelivery As a self-confessed gadget geek, I tend to have the latest cell phone in my pocket, but do I really need the most up-to-date phone? That question is similar to the question government leaders must ask themselves when faced with new technology options. For example, the “big data” buzz continues… Read more »

Government Tech Trends to Watch in 2013

By Brent Kastner, Chief Technology Officer, GovDelivery | @brentkastner One of the reasons I enjoy this time of year, aside from perfecting Sticky Toffee Pudding recipes (seriously, you should try this one…), is the annual technology prediction discussions for the upcoming year.  While I don’t pay attention to every single technology prediction made (usually by… Read more »