Announcing the 2016 Digital Strategy & Impact Award Winners!

Every day, public sector organizations are taking creative and innovative steps to enhance the citizen experience. These are the organizations that bring digital communications tools to life, and are adapting to environments where budgets are tight and demands are increasing. This year’s GovDelivery Digital Strategy & Impact Awards recognize excellence in creative use of digital… Read more »

Tell Your Story on a National Stage at the Digital Strategy & Impact Awards

In your organization, you know your strengths like the back of your hand. With leadership and other internal departments, you do a great job communicating how you’ve taken your digital communications efforts to the next level. At this year’s annual awards, you have the opportunity to expand your story beyond your organization and showcase your… Read more »

It’s Not Too Late to Submit an Award Nomination for Your Digital Comms!

Despite being responsible, hard-working adults, we all get hit by the procrastination bug every now and then—particularly when the weather is warm and we’d rather be eating barbecue in the backyard than sitting behind a computer. If you’ve been considering nominating your organization for our annual Outreach and Impact Awards but haven’t yet gotten around to… Read more »